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Ritsu Tainaka by PiercePapercraft Ritsu Tainaka by PiercePapercraft
For those who wanted the 3D drum set, I'm sorry, but it was too hard to make.
She has an ambiguous yet upbeat personality, but often has trouble remembering important club activities and announcements. She gets constantly yelled at, and whacked, by Mio after forgetting to send in important forms concerning the club even though often reminded by Nodoka . Ritsu is cheerful, often likes making jokes and is sarcastic most of the time. She usually brainstorms for ideas to earn more money and for the club’s success. She has developed a certain endurance against Mio's hits, since she was little, as she often teases Mio whenever Mio is cowering from something and she has the opportunity to do so. Ritsu is always on the go, and will stop at nothing for the success of the light music club even when everyone else gives up. She is the source of fun and encouragement of their band.

However, from time to time Ritsu has been a lazy character as well. When it comes to practicing, she only thinks of having fun with her band mates (such as having tea breaks that almost drove Azusa away). During training camps, Ritsu usually votes to play first the moment they arrive and is often supported by Yui. She often needs Mio's help in studying but she gets good marks in her tests. When she becomes determined, she can get her work done in no time. Such determination can be seen on her goal towards Budokan as well. She has a strong sense of confidence from an unknown source, although her confidence has often lead to the club's despair, such as when losing their way in the middle of Kyoto. Ritsu has a tough front, and would not cry easily. Her weak spot is seeing her friends cry and she would do anything to cheer them up.

Awesome job on this paper craft deviation here. Excellent job on the use of the navy blue color scheme on the doll's school uniform. I especially admire the detail work you put into the doll's outfit, as well as the detail work on her drum kit, even though the drums themselves are harder to make in 3D format. I also deeply admire the cute expression on the doll's face, as if she's happy to see the folder. As with some of your previous works, this particular doll should be the easiest for me to work with as far as the extras go. Thanks for sharing this! :heart:
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Rainick Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you so much for making this! she is definitely my favorite K-on character ^.^
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November 13, 2012
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