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Ray Beams by PiercePapercraft Ray Beams by PiercePapercraft
Ray Beams is the partner and wife of Charles Beams. They live together aboard their ship and each have their own boardless LFO's.

She appear to be a caring and kind woman, perhaps a bit timid. She is Charles support and together they seem to have carefree lives, going around dancing and doing jobs as a freelance mercenaries. When the military first contact the couple to recruit them back to the military, Charles claim to only want to be with her. His opinion changed when he discovered his mission is to apprehend Holland and Gekkostate.

Before becoming a freelancer with her husband. It appears she and her husband both were member of the SOF, together with Holland and Talho. During her military service it is indicated that a phenomena caused her inability to become pregnant. She believes it to have been caused by Eureka. Therefore she really wishes for a child, and automatically wants to adopt Renton as he stays on their ship, the Swan.

She appears to be a good combatant, fighting with her husband, as well as fairly intelligent. When she and her husband infiltrates the Gekkostate, she cracks their codes to shut down the main controls. Then she found her way to Eureka and Renton, taking Talho hostage. Due to Renton, Talho manages to escape and capture her. When Talho announce Ray's capture, Charles got distracted and hence was killed by Holland. She requests to see her husband upon learning this, and manages to detonate a timed bomb they both swallowed before entering the Gekkostate. Blowing up her husband lets her escape from the Gekko.

After her husband's death, she returns to her ship. It appears she had gone into a frenzy, and thrown everything on the ground. Afterwhich she returns to the attack the Gekkostate in a kamikaze attack, using the two LFO's in their possession as decoys she wanted to crash down the Gekko. But the Gekko manages to evade in the last minute, shooting down the Swan and causing Ray's death.

When Renton and Eureka goes beyond the great wall with Maurice, Mater and Linck, it appears they found her wedding ring.

The characters of Charles and Ray Beams - a married couple who pilot identical machines, colored blue and red respectively, would appear to be an homage to Maximilian Jenius and his wife Milia - characters in Superdimensional Fortress Macross, another series in which Eureka 7 mecha designer Shoji Kawamori participated. Their names are also a homage to famous American designer, architect and painter duo, Charles and Ray Eames, whom have both been foundation in American innovation during their era.


Awesome work on this paper craft deviation here! Excellent job on the elaborate use of the neon fuchsia and neon blue colors on the doll's outfit. I very deeply admire the detail work that you put into the doll's outfit itself, compete with the fuchsia and blue armbands on the sleeves. As far as folding this, I'd say in my opinion that this would be quite possibly the easiest deviation for me to work with, as there are only a couple of extra parts to this. I especially admire the cute expression on his face. Thanks lots for sharing this! :heart:
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August 6, 2012
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